Saturday, 23 March 2013

My first Bella Box!

So beauty boxes. Some people find them a waste of money, others don't. An internationally famous beauty box is glossybox, however I live in Australia and I don't necessarily want to pay 20 dollars a month when I can get a beauty box for 15 dollars. I was flipping up between the Bella Box and Lusthaveit. After reading reviews I chose the Bella Box, my first Bella box came on Friday after it had been posted on the Wednesday, so shipping was uber quick.

The theme for this month was 'Delicious Beauty'. In the box came the following;

  • Ocean Essence Summer Breeze Shower Gel (luxe product) 20ml = $4.95
  • Designer Brands Lip Pencil (Affordable) $4.99
  • Suigo Ultimate Control Shampoo and Conditioner (Innovative) 260ml = 22.50 per bottle
  • Clinique High Impace Lipstick SPF 15 in Extreme Pink (Luxe) $ 36.00
  • Swisse Active Energy Bar (Bonus Product)
So overall, I was excited about each product, including the energy bar, even though I was somewhat confused as to why they gave me a energy bar? Considering all I do is sleep, go to school, go to work, eat and sleep. 

I'm yet to try both the shower gel and shampoo, but I'm looking forwarding to trying them.

I tried the lip pencil and it was decent, it's not something I would've spent my money on, or gone out to by. The colour was nude, which I really liked, and it worked nicely. However it was quite rough to put on my lips, or maybe I'm just too much of a novice lipliner person, so I'm going for more the latter..

The lipstick was lovely, the colour was really nice, it feathered a little bit, but then again it could just be my novice make upskills. I would probably never of purchased it due to it's price, but yay for bella box!

I'm most definitely impressed with the bella box and I'm so looking forward to April's Bellabox!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Computer le broken!

Arh, so I have a Sony Vaio E series. Its generally really good.... However, I got home at lunch from school and it's stopped working. It went to repair itself, turned off, now just comes up with VAIO and a swirly loady thing and goes purple and the the lights are on and the cursor is there and the whole f2, f8, f12, 11 etc, etc won't work so arh. I have to use my reALLY old ancient laptop, and it stuffs up all the time and won't even turn on sometimes like the VAIO. I only bought it in December.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Garnier BB Cream Review [For Oily to Combination Skin]

I'm not a huge fan of Garnier products to be honest. Their shampoo's don't really do much for me, nor do their face products. I was very skeptical of buying this BB cream after hearing such ghastly reviews on it's previous BB cream.  I turned to my friend and asked her if she used BB cream, she said she used Garnier BB cream and I asked her how it was. And she told me, so I thought right, I'll give it a try considering L'Oreal's one is 28 AUD. And I wasn't keen on trying Maybelline's BB cream either. So I purchased the one for oily to combination skin. Which had better reviews then their first BB cream.

So today, I decided I would keep a memory track of how the BB cream went throughout the day.

Firstly, I used Clean and Clear's Morning Burst, then tone with Formula Totally Clean in Cucumber and Sea Kelp!
Then I applied the BB cream with my fingers. The colour matches my skin perfectly, and it goes on quite nicely and smoothly. The coverage isn't amazing, but it is only meant to be a tinted moisterizer, so I can't complain really. I powdered my face with Rimmel's Matte powder.

So I found that I would've needed to touch up during lunch time, and by the end of the day I definitely would've needed to reapply. My skin was not greasy, as I'm using the one for oily/combination skin. So that was a plus. Overall, I do like this product. It hasn't made my skin break out, and I don't look like a greeseball. It doesn't last as well as I hoped.


Apart from science, music is probably my passion and soul in life. My favourite band of all time is the Rolling Stones. I love them, adore them and breathe them. The Beatles are then fairly on par with the Rolling Stones. Then I LOVEE The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Marianne Faithfull, David Bowie, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Black Sabbath, Neil Young, Billy Idol, The Angles, REM, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Muddy Waters, The Travelling Wilbury's, ELO, Sonny & Cher, AC/DC, The Police, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Pink Floyd,  Lana Del Rey, Grimes, Placebo, Blink-182, The Velvet Underground, Francoise Hardy, Smokie, Tom Petty, Bon Iver, Crystal Castles. Okay, okay I will stop now... But I love music. obviously.


Ok. So my point of this post is that I really love music, so I guess now I'm going to talk about what music has and does teach me.

Music introduces me to the people who wrote the music, thus I also learn from them. I.e, Keith Richards taught me not to touch heroin (I love that man more then life though). George Harrison introduced me to spirituality, and broaden my views on everything. Jim Morrison, well, he's just astounded me by all means. A true genius right there ladies and gentlemen. Music has really just bought a lot of acceptance, and has become almost a distraction for me and a coping mechanism. When I was 15 a lot of my childhood pain slowly was coming back, then my dad got diagnosed with Cancer. I got all my saddness out through music. Playing it, playing guitar making tunes. I really dove into the beauty, and love of music. In a funny way, reflecting on the past couple of years music has really enlightened me. Apart from being pleasure to people's ears it is also a lovely use of enlightment.

Monday, 18 March 2013

I don't like Foundation!

Okay, so it's not that I totally don't like foundation, it just scares me. I never bought my first foundation up until last year, before I turned sixteen. Which I guess I was behind in girls my age.
Anyroad, the first foundation I tried was a mineral foundation by Maybelline, which I still do have. Going to show that I really don't use foundation. I had mild success there, thus giving me confidence with foundation. Yay! So, then I decided, a few months later to buy Maybelline's Fit Me range, I, of course was the lightest shade. How can an Australian be the lightest shade? I don't know. I'm not big on the sun, but that's another story.

I thought the foundation fitted my skin colour well, and lasted a reasonable about of time, but it would get really patchy and icky around the dry areas of my skin. Yikes.
Then I moved onto Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation. That's probably my favourite out of all three of the foundations. Minus the glitter. I have no idea what is with that. I think it's meant to give you the 'glow' or whatever.

None of the products I've used have ever made me break out, or cause any major irritations to my skin. I guess I'm not a fan of foundation because I don't like the feel of it on my face.
So now... I've moved on to BB cream, which I will talk about in my next post.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Motel Rocks

This evening I have been accepted onto Motel Rocks Street Team! So I thought I'd make a little post about the site, and some items I really like from there, and also offer a 20% discount count for anyone whose interested. :)

Motel Catalina Off The Shoulder in Paisley Blue. (I also LOVE this in smoke print)

Motel Hollyanna Sleeveless T Shirt Dress in Vertical Squares

Motel Linda Long Sleeve Crop In Black With Diamond Gems


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nail Polish Review

The most recent purchased nail polishes I have bought are Maybelline's Colour Show, and Maxfactor's Gloss Infinity. Maybelline was around 5 AUD, Maxfactor was on sale 7 or 8 AUD. I purchased Maybelline in Asphalt and Maxfactor in Berry Crush, both very different colours and different quality. 

I used Asphalt prior to Berry Crush. It was surprisingly good quality for 5 dollars. A few coats were necessary, but it didn't chip immediately and didn't make my nails go discoloured or weak like some nail polish does. I definitely was impressed, and I will be looking for further colours, and testing out the 'shredded' range.

15 minutes ago I applied Berry Crush to my nails, as I had been wearing Asphalt for nearly four weeks now and it had chipped away enough for me to apply a new coat of nail polish.

The consistency, the way it went on was flawless to me. I'm completely in awe of this nail polish. It came out beautifully and smoothly, oh wow. I took some pictures:

Only one coat was necessary. The brush is a little bit big for my tiny nails, but aside from that and the fact I'm terrible at painting nails it is beautiful. I really love it. The pictures do not do it justice either. The nail polish does claim the it lasts up to 7 days, the gloss or whatever. So let's see if it lives up to it's name! 

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thinking of Buying

Home sick, again. I got paid today, and I came to the realization last night how tight I've been with spending my money on clothes, but less tight with make-up? Well, nail/skin. I have terribly dry, weak nails. Yikes. However, they seem to slowly be repairing themselves. I've been using cuticle oil every night before I go to bed and not biting them! Hurrah!

I'm browsing Boohoo at this current moment, and my I've come across such a lovely jumper for such a lovely price!

There are shades black, white and brown. Only $8 dollars. I think it's a definite pick up for me! Thank lord for free shipping as well! I like the fact it's got a bit of a 70's, grungy, throw on vibe with a bit of girly detailing around the neckline.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Street Style

I personally find Street Style invigorating. One of my favourite things to do while in a city is look at the various outfits people are wearing. Fashion can say a lot about one's tastes, and personality. When people dress to show their personality it is like a subtle door is being opened into themselves and letting the world know who they are.

Browsing the Vogue Australia website earlier I found that they were showcasing some of Fashion Week's best street styles, and I must say these three are my favourites:
(All images are from Vogue Australia)

New York Fashion Week. 

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Sick Days + Animal Print

There are benefits to being sick. The most valuable one I can think of right now is not having to go to school. Although, I should be currently doing Chemistry homework, and my Earth and Environment Assignment. Ick.
I'm remaining comfortable today, wearing a black cotton? knitted? I don't know, but it's a long top with pearls sewn on it randomly, and some Beetlejuice leggings. I'm not a big leggings fan, but my - these ones are comfortable. They're really the only pair of leggings I own, so ohwell.

On the topic of clothes; I've noticed that Animal Print, particularly leopard print has been on the runways lately? Quite frankly I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm not a huge animal print fan. Leopard print and red lipstick is quite sexy though. I guess animal print is actually very timeless, literally timeless. I would say it's been around for millions of years, when they had to skin animals to make blankets and clothing items. Maybe someone should do a Flintstones inspired collection?
Actually, I do believe Jeremy Scott's Spring 2010 collection was somewhat Flinstones inspired. Lovely, lovely.

I think I may go and buy a cheeseburger and fries, the epitome of health I am.
Also, rewatching Gossip Girl sounds great right now.

A/W Australia Favourites

So, Autumn is currently here, and Winter will be approaching soon. I've had no moolah to shop with as I've been saving and spending my money very carefully. However, two items I have bought in the past month are from Asos.

Aran Knit Jumper, originally around 50 dollars, scored it for 20 though! Yipee! :')

Virtual Flatforms, $57 dollars down to 25.