Thursday, 14 March 2013

Nail Polish Review

The most recent purchased nail polishes I have bought are Maybelline's Colour Show, and Maxfactor's Gloss Infinity. Maybelline was around 5 AUD, Maxfactor was on sale 7 or 8 AUD. I purchased Maybelline in Asphalt and Maxfactor in Berry Crush, both very different colours and different quality. 

I used Asphalt prior to Berry Crush. It was surprisingly good quality for 5 dollars. A few coats were necessary, but it didn't chip immediately and didn't make my nails go discoloured or weak like some nail polish does. I definitely was impressed, and I will be looking for further colours, and testing out the 'shredded' range.

15 minutes ago I applied Berry Crush to my nails, as I had been wearing Asphalt for nearly four weeks now and it had chipped away enough for me to apply a new coat of nail polish.

The consistency, the way it went on was flawless to me. I'm completely in awe of this nail polish. It came out beautifully and smoothly, oh wow. I took some pictures:

Only one coat was necessary. The brush is a little bit big for my tiny nails, but aside from that and the fact I'm terrible at painting nails it is beautiful. I really love it. The pictures do not do it justice either. The nail polish does claim the it lasts up to 7 days, the gloss or whatever. So let's see if it lives up to it's name! 

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