Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Thinking of Buying

Home sick, again. I got paid today, and I came to the realization last night how tight I've been with spending my money on clothes, but less tight with make-up? Well, nail/skin. I have terribly dry, weak nails. Yikes. However, they seem to slowly be repairing themselves. I've been using cuticle oil every night before I go to bed and not biting them! Hurrah!

I'm browsing Boohoo at this current moment, and my I've come across such a lovely jumper for such a lovely price!

There are shades black, white and brown. Only $8 dollars. I think it's a definite pick up for me! Thank lord for free shipping as well! I like the fact it's got a bit of a 70's, grungy, throw on vibe with a bit of girly detailing around the neckline.

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