Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Garnier BB Cream Review [For Oily to Combination Skin]

I'm not a huge fan of Garnier products to be honest. Their shampoo's don't really do much for me, nor do their face products. I was very skeptical of buying this BB cream after hearing such ghastly reviews on it's previous BB cream.  I turned to my friend and asked her if she used BB cream, she said she used Garnier BB cream and I asked her how it was. And she told me, so I thought right, I'll give it a try considering L'Oreal's one is 28 AUD. And I wasn't keen on trying Maybelline's BB cream either. So I purchased the one for oily to combination skin. Which had better reviews then their first BB cream.

So today, I decided I would keep a memory track of how the BB cream went throughout the day.

Firstly, I used Clean and Clear's Morning Burst, then tone with Formula Totally Clean in Cucumber and Sea Kelp!
Then I applied the BB cream with my fingers. The colour matches my skin perfectly, and it goes on quite nicely and smoothly. The coverage isn't amazing, but it is only meant to be a tinted moisterizer, so I can't complain really. I powdered my face with Rimmel's Matte powder.

So I found that I would've needed to touch up during lunch time, and by the end of the day I definitely would've needed to reapply. My skin was not greasy, as I'm using the one for oily/combination skin. So that was a plus. Overall, I do like this product. It hasn't made my skin break out, and I don't look like a greeseball. It doesn't last as well as I hoped.

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